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The focus of PEEP SHOW is concern with the inner self as opposed to outer beauty. Outer beauty fades, but inner beauty is lasting and shows good strength of character and morals.  

The entry has been fashioned from bras in the shape of a keyhole. Historically, this was a symbol used for risqué shows for men. As one enters the installation they will see the inside of the garments. This represents the inner self where true strength lies. Within the inner sanctum there are select scripture verses from ancient texts pouring out of open heart lockets. The Song of Solomon reminds us that "you are altogether beautiful." The book of 1 Peter states that "your inner self should have unfading beauty." While lingerie is a delicate ladies undergarment it symbolizes outer beauty. PEEP SHOW is an exercise in refocusing our thoughts in the way we view ourselves and others.

Security Blanket

Security Blanket

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