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On The Line

Aprons have been used throughout history for covering oneself while at work.

This installation is created from vintage aprons that hang from a maze of clotheslines. The aprons are surrounded with white sheets on which is sewn a bold EKG line of red yarn that progresses from a normal heartbeat to a flatline at the rear. We as a world are in distress.

The aprons represent individual work paired with white flags of truce from various nations on the backs representing unity. To support the thought of working together the apron strings are tied one to another. 

Traditionally, Tibetan prayer flags are used to promote peace, wisdom, compassion, and strength. Work can be sacred, therefore, the aprons parallel the prayer flags by the colors and how they are hung. 

A strong work ethic was of great importance in the founding of America. While we should not place our full identity in the work we do, it is a large part of how we make discoveries about ourselves. It can also be valued as a way to give back to the community we live in.

It is VITAL that we work together as individuals!

On The Line (detail)

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